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​Even as a young child B. Wright-Jones was always concerned about people, and how they were doing. She knew at a very early age that there was something very unique and special about her. She felt the hand of God on her life at an early age, and even though she made some really bad choices in life, she never gave up on God.  She's now committed to sharing her story with the world by encouraging others and letting them know that they also can be free from their past mistakes.  She's committed to showing people their greatness so that they can live life with a purpose and their hope in a loving and faithful God.

B. Wright-Jones was born on April 28, 1967, in Sylacauga, Alabama. Ms. Wright-Jones is an only child and even though she was born in Alabama, she was raised in Philadelphia, Pa since the tender age of 5 months old. She has many talents, but never knew that writing was one of them until she started writing a blog in 2014 which was encouraged by a friend. Once she started writing she realized that God had just shown her another gift she never knew that she had. "Be Encouraged, Be Inspired, and Be Motivated to Keep Looking Up" is her first book which was released in May of 2017, and its purpose is to share real-life struggles and experiences so that it may help someone else.  A second book was written titled "So You Think You're Ready for Marriage" and it was released on Christmas Day 2018. Ms. Wright-Jones continues to write her blog and she knows that she has a mission and purpose to encourage the world. She always ends her blog with the phrase "Keep Looking Up" and that's her exact message to every person that she encounters.

Keep Looking Up with B. Wright-Jones encourages and teaches through blog posts, books, speaking engagements, coaching, and social media platforms such as Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/bwrightjones/ through post and live videos.  You can also find her actively on Instagram at Keeplookingup7 and Twitter at https://twitter.com/keeplookingupp 

You will find that B. Wright-Jones focuses her teachings on Spiritual Growth, Relationships, Healing and Recovering from your past hurt and mistakes, Walking in your Purpose, and Life's challenges centered around family, career, business, and health.  Her goal is to encourage, motivate, and inspire to bring about positive change.

You can also find B. Wright-Jones at www.bwrightjones.com

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