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  • B. Wright-Jones

What do You Expect??


God wants His children to have the very best. Many of us are living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to keep it all together, and that is not the life God would have us to live. Yes circumstances happen that sometimes put us in difficult situations, but God does not intend for us to stay there. God has a good plan for us and His plan says that we are the head and not the tail so therefore we have to expect God's best. We have to do our part and trust God to do the rest. We can't expect the job if we are not diligently looking for the job and putting out resumes. We can't expect to get out of debt if we are constantly making more debt. We have to use wisdom and expect God's direction and deliverance.

What are you speaking over your life? Are you speaking faith filled words or words of doubt and unbelief? Speak life and expect God to move on your behalf. Know that God already has our deliverance, breakthrough, answer and solution. Don't walk around worrying about the outcome, but believe and expect God to move.

Our God is good and His mercy is everlasting. He is faithful and He loves us and wants us to have the very best in life. Expect God's best and speak life over your situation. Get the Word of God in your mouth and in your heart and watch God move mountains.

As always thanks for the visit and keep looking up!!!

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