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  • B. Wright-Jones

I AM A Child of God...


For many years I allowed the negative opinions and attitudes of others to define me. Through the Word of God and much prayer God began to show me who I was through Him. Many times people knowingly and unknowingly will label us based upon our past or mistakes that we have made in life. I'm here to tell you that you have been redeemed. God is a God of second chances and He can take all of our mess and turn it around for our good.

Never allow negative opinions or past mistakes to keep you in shame or regret. There is a lesson to learn in everything that we have been through. You have a choice to become better or bitter, but the choice is yours. I have chosen to become better and to love myself and believe that God has great things in store for me. You see the enemy will always try to bring up our past to make us feel like we don't deserve God's best, but that is a lie and once we confess our faults to God and repent know that He remembers our sins no more.

We have to walk in our newness and change the way we think about ourselves and see ourselves the way God sees us. We have to pray and ask God to help us in having a positive self concept about ourselves. If no one else believes that we have changed and are different then that's none of our business. Change starts on the inside and will transform our lives on the outside. Walk in it and embrace the new you. Don't worry about the negative commentary but keep on keeping on and let your life be your testimony. Some may put God in a box and think that he can't change certain people, but the last time I read my bible God turned thieves, liars, prostitutes, adulterers, and murderers into some of the most powerful and amazing people in the bible, and God is still doing it today. So next time someone wants to remind you of your past and think that God has not done a work in you, tell them that God is the same God yesterday, today and forever more.

As always thanks for the visit and keep looking up!!!

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