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  • B. Wright-Jones

Better Days Ahead...


Do you feel like nothing is going to ever change in your life? Do you feel like one negative thing after the other is coming your way? Does it seem like a sign is on you that reads trouble is welcomed? If you feel this way know that you are going to have to change the way you think and how you look at life.

I look at life as a test everyday that we have to take in order to grow, change and be prepared for the next level in life. If we go around having a pity party and feeling down then we begin to dig a deeper ditch for ourselves. Don't get me wrong because we all need to cry sometimes, but get right back up and moving. We have to develop and one of the ways God will use is trouble. We have areas in our lives that need to be pruned and tried by the fire in order to get some junk out of us. Sometimes the only way is through test and trials.

When going through we have to keep a good attitude and believe that better days are ahead. I speak positive affirmations everyday over my life, family, and business. I might not like how certain things are looking, but I know that better days are ahead. I'm not going to walk by sight, but I'm walking by faith and believing what God has placed in my heart. I'm here to encourage you today to do the same. Don't give up hope because circumstances can always change in an instant.

Always expect better days ahead and speak life over your situations. We spend to much time focusing on our problems, talking about our problems, and complaining about our problems that's why we still have them. When we change our mind then our conversations will be different. Our minds need to be renewed everyday.

So speak life, change your mind, change your conversations and expect better days ahead. As always thanks for the visit and keep looking up!!

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