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Green with Envy...


Have you ever wondered why people who seem to be further ahead in life are so envious of you? I have seen this so many times and I just don't get it. They seem to have everything going for them, but yet they are envious of others and their accomplishments.

I realized many, many years ago that we only see what others want us to see. I don't have time to sit around and envy someone else and what they have going on. I don't know their story or their struggle so who am I to hate on someone else. My goal is to work hard and to do all that I can to accomplish the task that are before me. In life we are all dealt a certain hand and according to the choices we make a path is set before each of us. We have to work hard, and even though their are some who have had the privilege of many things given to them, it just doesn't work like that for all of us. I have always said to never despise the days of small beginnings (Zechariah 4:10). God has a way of doing big things with very little supply. If you don't believe me just read Matthew 14.

We should be happy for others when they succeed and support them in their endeavors. I have heard stories and have seen it for myself the envy from family and friends when one is doing so well. I believe when one does well we all do well, so why can't we stick together and be happy and supportive for one another?

One sure way of receiving God's best and His bountiful blessings is to sincerely be happy for others when they are being blessed. God has enough blessings to go around for everyone. Just keep being happy for others and support them along the way. Keep working hard and doing your best. Believe that the best is yet to come.

As always thanks for the visit and keep looking up!!

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