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Positioned for a Miracle...


Do you ever feel like God has called you to do something that was bigger than yourself? God always calls us to do things that are bigger than ourselves so that He can get the glory. If we could do it all on our own, then it wouldn't be called a miracle.

Many times the greatness that's within stays dormant because we don't believe God can use us in a great way. We stay in our comfort zones and never allow God to elevate us because of fear, self doubt, laziness, and procrastination. In case you didn't know waiting is also a choice, and sometimes that wait is the very reason why your breakthrough has not come forth.

I have always felt that God had a special calling on my life. Growing up I always felt out of place around the other kids and even in my teenage years I tried to fit in at the parties, etc., but always felt out of place. I believe that was God separating me then (2 Corinthians 6:7) but I just didn't understand.

God wants to position us for a miracle for His glory. The Word of God tells us that we would do even greater things than Christ (John 14:12), but many of us are full of doubt and unbelief. The Spirit of the Lord wants to do great and mighty things, but where is our faith?

I just had my very first book published by Christian Faith Publishing and I never saw this in my future. I started writing a blog in 2014 after a friend recommended that I start one, and three years later I'm a published author. To God be the Glory!!!

We can never underestimate what God wants to do in our lives so we must stay in prayer and open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Don't allow self defeating thoughts, negative opinions from others, or your past to keep you from doing great things. We all have greatness within, but God needs our willing participation and belief that He can change our lives from normal to great in an instance.

There was a book that I read years ago called "An Enemy Called Average" by John L. Mason that opened my eyes and allowed me to see that God did not intend for us to live average lives, but we are to do great things. My new book "Be Encouraged, Be Inspired, and Be Motivated to Keep Looking Up" also shares real life stories and heartfelt experiences that will inspire you to believe in yourself and the power of God in your life.

Let's allow God to position us for a miracle and let the world see just how great we are with Christ on our side. Christ deserves all the Glory!!!

As always thanks for the visit and keep looking up!!!

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