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The Power of Silence...


I must admit that I have had my challenges with keeping my mouth shut at times. In fact there have been many times that I should have remained silent, but my feelings got the best of me.

I can almost always tell when God is working on me because He always sends people my way that really know how to push my buttons. If I claim to love people and I want to see them at their very best, then I'm going to have to learn how to love them when they are not at their best. I'm challenged on a daily basis whether its's on social media, or in my relationships with others that I have to learn how to keep my mouth shut. I don't have to impose my feelings and opinions or others and I have to learn also that I can't give everyone power over my emotions.

I know for a fact that there are many who will test us, and will do everything they can to get us out of character. They want the privilege of saying "I knew they were like that, they don't have no Jesus in them". We all have our limits, and for some it's a lack of sleep, being hungry and tired or just stressed out that will cause us to lash out at some folks especially if we have not been in the word of God like we should have been.

Silence is a powerful weapon, and God is showing me more and more especially since I have been married that silence can be very powerful. My husband will tell you that I love to talk, and I just can't keep my mouth shut at times, but God has shown me that silence can do more than empty words can ever do.

Proverbs 18:21 tells us that the tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. We have to be careful what we say because our words whether good or bad will bring life or death. We need to start speaking that which we desire to see. We need to stop giving the enemy place in our lives because of our negative emotions and empty words. We need to speak life, and if we can't speak life then we need to be silent. Prayer works and silence paves a way for us when we don't have the right words to say. Silence is a powerful weapon that shows growth and maturity. Silence is a beautiful thing, and if we are silent enough it has so much to say.

Stop and listen and don't feel like you always have to have an opinion. Let people talk, and let them hate and misunderstand because at the end of the day they may not even be tied to your destiny. It's only a test. Love those that are closest to you and learn how to speak to them in love. Other folks that test you and push your buttons are sometimes there for a reason so why not learn and grow so that you can go to the next level.

Trust the process and let the power of silence prepare you for where God is taking you next. Thanks for the visit and keep looking up!!

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