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There's No Limits When God Is In It!!!

Thought for Today: God is a limitless God. He has no restrictions and the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. Let's take the limits off of our lives and walk in the authority that we have been given. When we know that God is with us and for us there are No Limits to what God can do... There's No limits when God is in it.


How many times have we questioned our blessings? How many times have we wondered if we were good enough to receive them? I know I have and I'm taking the limits off because I know that God is with me and the enemy will always come to whisper lies that we don't deserve the very best. We all know that the enemy is a thief and his job is to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came on the scene that we may have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10).

I say take the limits off and believe for the very best. God is not a God of mediocrity and when we succeed in life God gets the glory.

There is one particular scripture that I would like to focus on and that is Joshua 1:8 which says "This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. God wants us to be successful and to live good lives, but we have to be careful that we don't become obsessed with success, but by following God's word believing that success will come. In other words we don't have to chase success, but success will come when we follow God's principals. We have to believe that God is a BIG God with BIG plans for our lives. We have to stop feeling guilty about being blessed, and we have to stop being passive about the things of God. We have to let go of negative mindsets that will tell us to feel guilt, shame and rejection. We have to walk in confidence believing that God is directing our steps, and take the limits off of where God wants to take us.

We have to let go of our past mistakes, past failures, and past disappointments because God is looking to do a new thing in our lives. I think about so many times people wanted to bless me, but I said "Oh no that's OK, you don't have to do that" why did I do that? Why did I feel guilt about receiving a blessing knowing that blessings come from God? We put limits on God, ourselves and others and it's time to take the limits off and let God's best flow into our lives freely. There are no limits when God is in it and I'm realizing this more and more. We limit the flow of abundance in our lives because of how we think about ourselves. Let's believe the very best about ourselves and change the stinkin thinkin.

Speak life over yourself and over every thing that concerns you and always remember that you are not alone. God is with us and nothing happens without His permission. Yes, negative things happen in life, but we can't go around sour and bitter about things we can't control. Our attitudes play a big part in how abundance or the lack thereof flows in our life. Change your mind, and you will change your life.

God is not coming to our pity party so lets start rejoicing and take God out of the box and start believing for God's best. No more limits, no more self defeating thoughts, no more pity party, no more bad attitudes and no more believing the lies from the enemy.....

Let's take our thoughts higher and always believe that God is bringing abundance in our lives when we follow His principles. If you're not sure what His principles are I suggest that you check out His blueprint for our lives which covers 66 books in the bible.

Be blessed beloved and no longer settle for mediocrity because the sky is the limit baby when God is in it. Say it with me "There are NO LIMITS WHEN GOD IS IN IT!!!

Thanks for the visit and keep looking up...

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