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Be Careful How You Treat People...


While on vacation I made sure that I took very good care of the people that were helping to make my vacation a pleasant one. These are the people that serve in many ways such as waiter and waitress, our cabin steward, hotel housekeeping, etc. I have always let people know how much I appreciate them because many times these very amazing people are overlooked. In life we have a choice on how we choose to treat others. This could be a stranger, co-worker, grocery store clerk or homeless man on the street. I thought of what Maya Angelou said and it's so very true that people will never forget how you made them feel.

This snippet by T.D. Jakes says it all. When you find people in a struggle or in a situation that is not a challenge for you, will you be merciful or merciless? Let this video snippet speak to you and think about how you really make people feel. We all need to grace...

As always, thanks for the visit and keep looking up!!!

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