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Change is Necessary...


I haven't been posting much lately and to a point it has been intentional. I've been working on myself while making some hard changes because it was necessary.

Change is never easy, but in order to grow to the next level we have to allow change to invade our comfortable lives. I still have a distance to go, but I'm thankful that I realize that change is necessary in my life, and that the changes I want to see will not happen by chance but by making some difficult decisions and much needed changes.

I realize that I will never change if I blame everyone else for their bad attitude, behaviors, old mindsets, and toxic tendencies if I never check myself. We must be willing to change and do the necessary work on ourselves so that we can become a better version of ourselves.

There are times that we must let go of relationships that are not pushing us to grow and be better. Once you begin to truly love yourself and know your value, you will not allow people to mistreat you any longer. At some point in life we have to stop accepting peoples stuff and realize that its not OK and we need to really evaluate the situation to see if we have done anything to offend this person that is mistreating us. If we can honestly look at ourselves and know that we have been good to someone and they continue to give off negative vibes and mistreatment then know that it's time to let go.

My challenge to you today is to love yourself enough to let go of anything that does not recognize your value. Don't get stuck in a relationship, or job that refuse to see your worth. I'm not telling anyone to just walk away, but I am saying evaluate the situation and if it no longer serves a purpose then it's time for an exit strategy.

Don't be afraid of change because at the end of change is a beautiful masterpiece that was waiting to be revealed. As always, thanks for the visit and keep looking up!!!

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