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Lord Help Me to Wait on You...


Today I wanted to write on a subject that many of us may be facing, and that's simply waiting on the Lord. Learning to wait on God is a process which takes time. I want to be totally transparent on this subject because I'm sure there are many waiting on God regarding some very life changing circumstances. There may be some facing an eviction and you're waiting on God to rescue you NOW. You have faithfully paid your tithes and offerings and you find yourself in a desperate situation that looks hopeless but know that God is able. Someone may have lost their job and now suddenly you are sick in your body and about to lose all health coverage. Maybe someone is going through in their marriage and you are about to throw in the towel because you see no positive change after all the praying and fasting you have done. Maybe your child has gone astray, and you just have not been able to get through to them and you feel like God has let you down. Whatever situation you may find yourself in, know that God is not surprised and is fully aware of what's going on.

Life gets hard sometimes, and once we come to that crossroad of having no idea which way to go or what to do we sometimes panic and take matters into our own hands. When we do this, and many of us do know that we are saying God you need my help. I think I can assist you on this one and make the situation better. When we think like this and put our hands all in the situation many times we make the situation worse off than it was. This is where we must trust God and know that our faith is being tested because God wants to see if we can release control and trust that He is leading and directing our path.

Do you believe the word of God? Do you believe that He loves you and He have your best interest at heart? If you believe this but still question God's sovereignty at times, know that you are not alone. Sometimes we think God need our help, and we just don't know how to rest and wait on Him because we have never really rested in God. Some have been waiting for years for a breakthrough, and it looks like nothing has changed or even a glimpse of getting better.

I'm here to encourage you today and to say hold on and don't give up. Keep praying and believing that your change is going to come. Ask God to reveal what season you're in, and what do you need to learn from this test. Believe that God will answer beloved and as always keep looking up!!!

Special Prayer: Lord, waiting can be so daunting at times and I really need your help. My situation looks hopeless but I know that you are a miracle working God. Lord, help me to wait on you and while I wait build my faith so that I never question the unknown in my life again because my life is in the hands of an all knowing God. In Jesus Name Amen

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