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How to Heal and Move Forward from your Past Mistakes


Are you allowing your past mistakes to steal your joy and the life that God has so freely given? I have had my share of mistakes and I know how much pain they can cause and many times with it comes guilt, shame, offense and unforgiveness not only of others, but also ourselves. God did not create us to live a life of regret and He surely didn't create us to live defeated lives where we feel unloved, unforgiven, and lost without any hope for a better life.

Join me on tomorrow (Friday, October 26th) as I share a message of "How to Heal and Move Forward from your Past Mistakes." It's time for your healing so I invite you to hear my story and experience so that it may help you become free to enjoy the wonderful life God has for you.

I will be on Facebook Live at and also Periscope/Twitter at Keeplookingupp. Share this information with others and I look forward to sharing with you on tomorrow.

As always, thanks for the visit and Keep Looking Up!!!

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