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  • B. Wright-Jones

Overcoming the Sting of Betrayal

Definition of betrayal. 1 : the act of betraying someone or something or the fact of being betrayed : violation of a person's trust or confidence, of a moral standard, etc.


We all have been faced with betrayal at some point in our lives, and it's not a good feeling. When we put faith and confidence in people it allows room for betrayal. The bible says in Psalms 118:8 that it is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. Micah 7:5 says Do not trust in a neighbor; Do not have confidence in a friend. From her who lies in your bosom Guard your lips.

We clearly see from the Word of God that it's not wise to put our trust and confidence in man. We are fully warned to only put our trust in God, so why do we get so hurt and upset when the inevitable happens? I will tell you why, because we are human beings with an innate desire to have relationships with others that we can trust, confide in and to build a bond of loyalty with that cannot be broken. I have to be honest and say that I to look for the same thing, but I also have been betrayed many, many times before.

Betrayal can only come from someone we consider a friend or family member which is sad to say. I hear many people say my boss or co-worker betrayed me, but if they are not considered someone special in your life then I beg to differ with the term betrayal. I would consider it to be double crossed which is a form of betrayal, but comes from a colleague or acquaintance.

It's very hard for many to heal from betrayal, but we see in Luke 22 how Jesus handled being betrayed by Judas. Jesus already knew what was going to happen, but He fulfilled the call on His life no matter how hard the trial. If that was us and we were forewarned about a betrayal that was about to happen to us, we would probably make a plan of escape and get them before they could get us :-)

Be encouraged beloved and know that God understands how you feel first hand. Pray about the hurt and ask God to heal you and to help you forgive. Pray for those that have betrayed you, and don't allow the situation to make you bitter. Trust and believe that God will fight your battle, so hold on and let the Lord handle it the way He sees fit.

You are an overcomer and know that the Lord is with you. As always, thanks for the visit and keep looking up.

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