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  • B. Wright-Jones

Have You Been Obedient to God?


Can you remember the last thing God told you to do? Did you do it or are you still thinking about it? I've discovered that there will be many times that God will tell us to do something, and we will have no clue as to why. This is going to take total faith and obedience towards God and that's it. When we are obedient to God it leads to a life that we never imagined could be ours.

I'm learning that as we become more and more obedient to God, He will begin to open other doors for us that we had no idea about. God will ask us to do things to see if He can trust us. The longer we contemplate doing what God has asked will only delay the blessing that God has in store. We have to get to a point of radical obedience and just move without any evidence of what's going on.

God is looking to bless His children, but can He trust us? Are we willing to let go of logic and just move for God? This will be required at times so get ready because God is looking for your obedience.

Are you ready to be blessed? Remember obedience is better than sacrifice and God has blessings stored up waiting to be rained down on us. Let's put fear aside, logic aside, doubt aside and just obey God. God can change our lives in an instant so trust Him and obey. God is always speaking, but are you listening? God is always instructing, protecting, encouraging and uplifting.

Thanks so much for the visit beloved and remember to Keep Looking Up!!

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