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  • B. Wright-Jones

Keep Looking Up....


The word of God has given us a choice to either speak life or death, to choose to do good or evil. What are you experiencing in your life right now? Are you being negatively affected by the choices you or someone else has made? Are you reaping the benefits of sowing good seeds and allowing the fruit of your labor to spring forth or are you going through a hard trial right now where your faith is being tested on every side?

Life can be really good, and also very challenging at the same time. We have to remember that no matter what we go through in life that our attitude is the very thing that's going to make us or break us. We can be true and authentic or we can put on a facade and fake it all the way. That is not how I want my story to end. I want to be true and authentic with my flaws and all allowing my creator to work on me daily so that I can grow into the woman of God I'm supposed to be. I can choose to be bitter or better by life circumstances. Eventhough I might not like everything that happens in life, but I can choose to have a right attitude regardless and keep looking up. Do I pass the test every time, no but I thank God that I'm still in the race and that my past is my past and that a bright new future is on the way.

Don't ever allow the negative opionions of others or their inability to see your worth cause you to doubt who you are in Christ. Keep Looking Up and remember that God is with you always. We have to trust the process believing that everything is working out for our good. No Matter what is looks or feels like we have to press in so that we can receive everything that God has for us.

Keep Looking Up and know that God has a great plan for your life. Don't give up but keep going and before you know it your life will be changed right before your eyes.

Thanks so much for the visit and don't you dare give up!!!

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