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Get Unstuck and S.E.X.Y. 30 Day On-Line Challenge

Are you ready fo the challenge?

Experts say that most habits can be broken if you can go 30 days without them. What do you need to break free from?

This on-line challenge starts on December 1st through December 30th.

Requirements: Must submit a 1 to 3 minute video sharing your 30 day goal challenge and what you are getting unstuck from. You must submit a 1 to 3 minute video once a week with your progress. All submissions should be emailed to - Please note videos will be circulated on social media. Must Register by 11/27/19

Winners will be announced LIVE at the Get Unstuck and S.E.X.Y. Book Signing and Panel Discussion Event. 2 Winners will be awarded a copy of my new book Get Unstuck and S.E.X.Y. and a FREE ticket to my Mini Workshop which includes workshop materials and lite meal.

Also each winner will be entered into a drawing to win a cash prize of $50.

For more information and to register follow this link. This is a FREE event.

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