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I'm Taking Back My Life Interview with Ericka Neville and Cortne Lee Smith

I'm so excited about today's podcast episode and my very special guest. These 2 amazing women that are joining me will be a part of my upcoming 2-Day Free Workshop.

All three of us share a sneak peek into what you will be getting on July 23rd and 24th. Cortne Lee Smith, The Master Relationship Mechanic, shares some warning signs that should spark you into rekindling that love again.

Ericka Neville, The Money Coach, is sharing on how to Get Unstuck Financially after you have experienced a financial crisis.

I'm sharing on the importance of Self-love and making YOU a priority. For full details about the workshop and to get registered, please visit You will find information about the workshop and the workshop facilitators. Have an amazing day, and thanks for tuning in!!

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